The Beachcomber Experience

At Beachcomber photography we want two things:  for you to have a great time during the time you spend with us, and for you to come out of it with an amazing work of photographic art which you will treasure forever.  To make those things happen takes a personal touch.  Everything from the location and the look of your images to the finished art you hang on the wall is unique to you, every detail chosen with you in mind.

Your Beachcomber experience begins with professional help in figuring out the details. We'll consult with you before your portrait sitting to get to know you, learn about your style and interests, help you choose the perfect location, and if you like even help you pick  wardrobe & accessories to complement your awesomeness.

Some tips on looking great in photos

On the day of your sitting we strive to make sure you're relaxed, comfortable and having fun.  Tim the photo guy's laid back style will set you at ease, and his many years of taking great portraits of all kinds of people under all kinds of circumstances will ensure that no little hiccups (like cranky toddlers or a Florida afternoon thunderstorm!) will prevent you from getting awesome pictures you'll love.

This unique artistic experience doesn't end on the day of your sitting either.  Your images are expertly enhanced to  make sure you look your very best.  We're happy to add extra creative touches that make your images truly personal.  And if you want us to we're happy to help you design phenomenally stylish custom displays to showcase your new personal art.

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