Pass-a-Grille Beach Family Portraits – 3 Sisters

With its delicious variety of different backdrops it’s no wonder Pass-a-grille Beach is a popular place for local photographers.  It seems like every time we go out there we see several, hehehe!

On the evening Tim captured these images of three Pinellas county sisters we were graced with thick cloud cover.  I was totally digging the way the colors of sea and sky reflected in Shawnee’s eyes..

stunning portraits of sisters at Pass-a-Grille Beach


While sister Dakotah was workin’ it like a supermodel..


stunning portraits of sisters at Pass-a-Grille Beach


Youngest sister Sierra was busy being distracted by her bff who was along for the ride so we didn’t do many solo shots of her. But we’ve already scheduled a best friends photo safari for just the two of them so we’ll make up for it later.  And we did capture some really stunning images of the sisters together..

stunning portraits of sisters at Pass-a-Grille Beach

Pass-a-Grille Beach sunset sisters portrait



Adventures in Networking

A couple weeks ago Tim and I went to the ‘grand opening’ celebration for  Shoreline Island Resort on Madeira Beach.

Ribbon-cutting at Shoreline Island Resort in Madeira Beach

Well, they called it “Grand Opening” but the thing being celebrated was really a change in ownership.  The resort’s recently been re-acquired by the family who originally built it five decades ago.  It’s kind of a cool story actually; the original Mr. Marsh not only designed the first buildings but worked on the construction himself.  And ever since he and his descendants have lived on the premises while managing the resort.

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Beachcomber Ambassadors

Hey Seniors!

Why sign up to be a Beachcomber Ambassador?

Because of what’s in it for YOU

  • AWESOME funky senior portraits – FREE!
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Plus earn CA$H for each friend you refer for our kick-ass senior portraits!

downtown St Pete FL high school senior portrait

We’re looking for two seniors each from:

  • Dixie Hollins
  • Boca Ciega
  • Seminole High
  • Northeast High
  • St Pete High
  • Lakewood High

You don’t need to look like a supermodel to be a Beachcomber Ambassador, just have a fun & outgoing personality!

Be a Beachcomber Ambassador!


As a Beachcomber Ambassador you’ll get TWO free on-location portrait sessions, with our full celebrity treatment, between now and spring 2014. Your FABULOUS images will be expertly & artistically enhanced (we love having fun with special effects!) and collected into a web-ready download pack with file sizes and dimensions perfect for sharing on facebook, blogs, etc.

downtown St Pete FL high school senior portrait

You’ll also get 30 free custom printed photo graduation announcements in the spring, plus discounts on other prints & gift items. But best of all you’ll earn $20 CASH for every friend you refer who chooses us for their senior portraits – and your friend will get a juicy discount too!

So what’s the catch? As our emissary we want you to tell all your friends about the great time you had with us, and share your awesome senior portraits with everyone you know. It’s that simple!

Be a Beachcomber Ambassador!


We’re only accepting two seniors from each school for this stellar opportunity so don’t wait – apply now! To apply just write to us and tell us about yourself – who you are, what school you go to, and why you think YOU should be a Beachcomber Ambassador.

Rock on Class of 2014!

Be a Beachcomber Ambassador!
funky Pinellas senior portraits

What to wear for your beach photo shoot

For many of us the first question that pops to mind when we’ve decided to have some portraits made is “what am I going to wear?”  I’d love to be there to help you choose (one of the services we provide for our Beachcomber Photography patrons) but I thought at least I could write down a few tips based on our beach portrait photography experience.  🙂

When you’ve chosen to have your portraits made at the beach the most obvious thing to keep in mind is your location – the beach!  So wear clothes that you’re prepared to get sandy and wet in.  This doesn’t necessarily mean casual – you could get some kick-ass images splashing in the surf in a formal dress or business suit – but you definitely shouldn’t show up for your beach portrait sitting in clothes that you’re going to be nervous about.

One rule we’ve had drilled into us since our school-picture days is ‘no prints’ and that’s still a pretty good rule of thumb.  Prints, especially if worn near the face, can distract the eye from everything else in the photo.  On the other hand a single solid color from head to toe wouldn’t be very flattering either.  The trick is to use layers to introduce different colors.  And for beach portraits a Hawaiian print shirt over a solid color t-shirt or a flowered sarong paired with a solid halter top might be just the ticket.

This can work especially well for family groups where you want everyone to coordinate but not be too matchy-matchy.  You could have dad in the surfer dude shit and then dress everyone else in colors pulled from his shirt.  And don’t forget the accessories!  The setting gives you the perfect excuse tons of options for accessories which can add color, style & personality to your portraits: e.g. sunglasses, hats, leis and fun, funky jewelry.  Now IS the time to try that great big flower in your hair! ;D

One thing you should consider avoiding for your beach portraits is a white shirt.  Even on an overcast day there’s a lot of light at the beach; the reflection off a white shirt can be glaring enough to ruin an otherwise lovely image.  To keep the focus where it belongs – on YOU – you’re better off with less-reflective choices.  Soft, “faded” colors and darker hues are more flattering in bright outdoor light.

I hope these tips help you look fantastic in your own beach portraits.  Happy sunsets!

Can you imagine us in white shirts? Our pasty white skin is reflective enough!
My husband & kids illustrating the concept

St. Pete Beach Adult Portraits – Kathy

Pinellas suncoast senior business executive portraits
The executive portrait

Kathy’s a single woman who runs a very successful consulting firm.  She came to us for some fresh images to use on her business websites & profiles but also confessed that she’d love to have something a little more daring to use on  So after doing the traditional executive portrait thing inside we ventured outside her gorgeous St Pete Beach home to capture some rather more fabulous images.  Kathy was a great patron to work with, beautiful and bright and with SUCH a lovely figure!  It was a pleasure to help her show it off in these Beachcomber Photography images.  🙂

vibrant & sexy portrait of mature woman Kathy

4 easy steps to otherworldly eyes

I have a big mental list of posts I mean to write but I thought I would start with something fun and share with you a simple technique for juicing up a black & white portrait by giving your subject vividly colored eyes.

Sometimes you take a photo that’s beautiful enough in color but just begs to be black & white, like this shot of Amanda..

 Amanda with palm fronds in downtown St Pete

We could turn this color photo into a B&W in several ways but the way I liked the look of was to completely desaturate it, turning the color saturation down to 0%.

By the way, you should know that the steps I describe here do NOT require Photoshop.  I’m certainly not a Photoshop wizard and the magic I worked on this photo was done in PhotoImpact, a consumer level program I’ve used and liked for years. But there are lots of photo editing applications that have similar features.  The names of the tools & functions may be different from program to program but you should be able to find equivalent options in any half decent image editing software.

Anyway, turning the saturation down to zero gives us this stunning image.. Continue reading “4 easy steps to otherworldly eyes”

Introducing Beachcomber Photography

Hi there!  This is our brand new Beachcomber Photography blog and right now it’s a wee little babe.  But I’ll be filling it up just as quickly as I can with all sorts of nifty stuffs: tips to help you take great photos and look great in them, reviews and links to other interesting tidbits, the occasional random rambling, and of course accounts of the fun Florida portrait photography we do and examples of the stunning images we create for art loving people like you.

Because it’s such a new, tiny thing I ask you to please be kind to this little blog and bear with us as it grows into the best portrait photography blog it can be.   There will be many changes these first few months and probably a lot of awkwardness.  I hope we can count on you to leave lots of comments, tell us what you like and where you think we could improve.  We want you to like our new blog and always find something worth coming back for.

Thanks for your support, and happy sunsets!

sunset as seen from Sacred Lands on he gulf intercoastal waterway near St Pete Beach