Beachcombers at Comic Con 2013

This past weekend the Beachcomber crew took in Tampa Bay Comic Con.  This event has grown in a few short years from a couple thousand to over 20,000 attendees, and boy does it show!  When we arrived at opening time (10am) the closest parking was already 4 blocks away and we had to wait about 40 minutes just to get in the door.  Tim had brought his  gear hoping to get some nice photos of all the cool costumed folk but faced with such throngs we quickly abandoned that plan in favor of just absorbing the sights with our own eyes.  We did catch a couple of interesting characters first though, and this Wolverine was my personal favorite…

wolverine at Tampa Comic Con 2013

He was really inhabiting the role.  *grins*

Seeing the creative effort y’all put in to your costumes makes us want to take REAL portraits of you in them.  How kick ass would it be to e.g. have a really rocking image of yourself in your superhero costume with the Sunshine Skyway in the background? (We could totally make this happen – drop me a line to set it up!) In the meantime here’s a few more snapshots from Tampa Bay Comic Con 2013.


Senior guy portraits that make girls go “oooh”

As I promised, we didn’t leave the hyper-cool Armani sunglasses on BCHS senior Anik the entire time – and just look at those dreamy brown eyes, hehehe!  Every single chick I’ve showed these photos to so far has gone “oooh”, and that includes women from age 11 to 77.

senior portraits for guys




Bachelorette Beach Party

Here at Beachcomber Photography our specialty is portraits not events but every once in a while something comes our way that’s too interesting to pass up.  A bevy of attractive young women in bikinis, drinking beer and playing wiffleball – I bet y’all can guess why Tim was keen to be the photographer for Alex’s bachelorette party at the Postcard Inn on St Pete Beach!  *grins*

St Pete Beach party photos


Romantic Couple Portraits – Sunset Beach

The weather was SO not cooperating when we went out to try for some romantic sunset shots of Paul (the dear hubby) and I a couple days ago.  But Tim managed to capture a few lovely images before the storms chased us off the beach..

romantic beach portraits romantic beach portraits romantic beach portraits

Boga Ciega High School Senior Portraits – Anik

Today I’d like to introduce the first of our new crop of Beachcomber Ambassadors for the 2013/14 school year, Anik!  (cue fanfare)

Among other things Anik’s big on fashion so we decided to go for a high fashion vibe with his first Beachcomber portrait session.  Can you guess who the designer inspiration for this shot was?  *grins*

Boca Ciega High School senior portraits

Anik was amazing to work with, a natural in front of the camera, and we captured TONS of fabulous images.  Our Tim was on fire!  (Unlike the one special effects shot we tried that failed miserably despite my herculean efforts.)  There’s so much gorgeousness here I can’t bear not to share it all…so I’m just going to have to do more than one post.  ;p

p.s. No, we didn’t leave his sunglasses on the whole time, lol!  Just wait til the next installment…

Hot makeup tips for beach portraits

Hey y’all!  We’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had time to sit down and do a written post in a few weeks.  Hope you’ve been enjoying the pretty pictures instead!  But finally today I have a bit of time to write and I wanted to quickly share with you a couple of my favorite items for beach makeup.

The thing about going to the beach (or really anywhere outdoors in Florida) is you WILL get sweaty.  You’ll get sweaty, and any tendency you may have toward oiliness will be increased, and you might even get water from the ocean or the sky in your face.  All of these are death to normal makeup, amiright ladies?

One approach to this is to keep the makeup to a minimum.  The less you’re wearing the less of a runny mess it can become.  But going completely without makeup isn’t what most of us want either.  Makeup helps define the features, especially the eyes and lips, and make them ‘pop’ in photographs.  Not only do we look better but we FEEL better, more confident in front of the camera, with good makeup.  And I’m happy to have found a few products over the years that I count on to really stand up to the ‘salt life’. Continue reading “Hot makeup tips for beach portraits”

Redington Shores Family Portraits

It was little Cameron’s first time ever at the beach, and he wasn’t quite sure what to do with that white stuff..

Redington Shores family beach portraits from Beachcomber Photography

But big sister Katelyn was there to show him the way..

Redington Shores family portraits

And we even got some gorgeous romantic beach portraits of mom & dad..

Redington Shores family portraitsIt was a blast capturing these Redington Shores family beach portraits of this fun family!

Redington Shores family portraits

Candice & Emma – Flamingo Resort

We met with these lovely ladies down at the Flamingo Resort in St. Pete, where they were staying for a weekend getaway.  Knowing they’d be game for a walk on the wild side we suggested a little something different for their portraits.  (Imagine me doing my best Beavis impression “Fire! Fire!”)

lesbian couples portraits at the Flamingo St Pete FL