Hot makeup tips for beach portraits

Hey y’all!  We’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had time to sit down and do a written post in a few weeks.  Hope you’ve been enjoying the pretty pictures instead!  But finally today I have a bit of time to write and I wanted to quickly share with you a couple of my favorite items for beach makeup.

The thing about going to the beach (or really anywhere outdoors in Florida) is you WILL get sweaty.  You’ll get sweaty, and any tendency you may have toward oiliness will be increased, and you might even get water from the ocean or the sky in your face.  All of these are death to normal makeup, amiright ladies?

One approach to this is to keep the makeup to a minimum.  The less you’re wearing the less of a runny mess it can become.  But going completely without makeup isn’t what most of us want either.  Makeup helps define the features, especially the eyes and lips, and make them ‘pop’ in photographs.  Not only do we look better but we FEEL better, more confident in front of the camera, with good makeup.  And I’m happy to have found a few products over the years that I count on to really stand up to the ‘salt life’.

The first is lip stain.  This has been a popular item for makeup mavens for about the last ten years now, beginning with the Benetint that started the craze and continuing today with pretty much every makeup brand offering its own lip stain product.  Lip stain gives great color and definition to the lips (so important in photos!) without smearing or wearing off the way regular lipstick does.  My personal faves are the Just Bitten line from Revlon; the colors are great and the felt tip applicator makes putting it on super easy.  The included lip balm, which adds shine and soothing (think chap-stick) moisture, makes the product nearly perfect.  I could only wish that the balm end were packed twist-up style like lip products usually are; in my opinion the packaging here is the one flaw in an otherwise superb product.

Kiss Me mascara by BlincThe other makeup item which I consider an absolute MUST HAVE is Kiss Me mascara from Blinc.  Regular mascara works by depositing a waxy, pigmented coating on your lashes.  And we all know what happens when that stuff gets wet. (Hello Tammy Faye!)  Waterproof mascara resists coming off with water but you often end up with a nasty raccoon-eye look after wearing it – a fact that’s sadly true even when using special cleansing products.  This nifty makeup innovation works more like (believe it or not) latex house paint: once it’s dried it creates tiny rubbery tubes around each eyelash.  As long as you don’t rub too much at your eyes the tubes stay put when swimming, sweating, crying, taking walks in the rain..but then when you want them off a little soap and gentle rubbing and they all come off just like that, with no residue whatsoever.

I’ve been using Kiss Me mascara for 5+ years now and raving about it to everyone who’ll listen.  It’s fantastic for people who have sensitive eyes.  And absolutely brilliant for dealing with so many of the makeup challenges we have in Florida, from oily skin to afternoon rainstorms.

I hope these tips help you to look fabulous in your own beach portraits.  Happy sunsets!

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