Finding your niche

It feels ironic that I’m writing this post after last time, when I spoke of my belief that people are beautiful even when they don’t fit the stereotype of bring very young, very thin & looking a certain way. I feel really strongly about the Truth of that, and when I put the final polish on our portrait photos in Photoshop I make sure that no matter what people still look like themselves. Minus the pimples or dark circles under the eyes maybe, but still themselves.

It’s ironic because as our artistic style develops Tim and I are moving more and more in the direction of experimental portraiture, creating images that aren’t necessarily a faithful replication of what exists in real life. We’ve been learning all kinds of advanced skills with camera and post-shoot editing that give us the ability to create images that are fanciful…imaginative…surreal…epic…impossible according to the laws of time & space…and above all extraordinary. And that’s what we want to keep doing, it’s what makes us feel most passionate and inspired. Continue reading “Finding your niche”

As seen through the eyes of love

So I’m putting together this gift of portrait prints for some friends of ours. And just because I can I decide to use my mad new Photoshop skills to touch up some of the things I know they fret about. And as I give her a bit more of a waistline, and her a little less tummy..tighten up this one’s upper arms and firm that one’s double chin…it prompts me to think how much I really enjoy doing this.

Since venturing into the photography business one thing I hear constantly from people is how they don’t want pictures taken of themselves because they feel like they look bad. They feel fatter and wrinklier and frumpier than they used to be. And truthfully, I think this is a pile of culturally-prescribed bs – just because you’re fat or old & wrinkly doesn’t mean you aren’t still beautiful, and you deserve to have your memories preserved in photos just like anybody else!  But it also gives me a thrill to be able to pull out some of the tricks that make celebrities in magazines look so impossibly perfect and use them on behalf of regular folks.

When you’re with the people who care about you they aren’t focused on the double chin or jiggly arms you might worry about, they’re seeing all of the wonderfulness that is YOU. And you’re beautiful to them just the way you are.  I like to think of the retouching we do as an expression of that. Our goal is not to make you look like a cookie-cutter stereotype of pretty. Our goal is to make you look as you appear in the eyes of the people who love you: with the so-called “flaws” softened so that nothing but the true beauty of your personality shines through.

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in the end it's only love that matters