Micky & Mike at Jungle Prada’s ‘Sacred Lands’

Mickey came to us looking for a photographer that could work with her unique dream.  As an older couple, and neither party on their first marriage, they weren’t planning a huge affair. But their love was as powerful as any twenty-somethings, and they felt their bond as soul mates deserved to be so celebrated. So she and her partner Mike chose to honor their ancestors with one of the most beautiful fusion wedding ceremonies we’ve been privileged to see, blending elements of western tradition with Hawaiian into an exquisitely lovely ritual.



The wedding ceremony was followed by an intimate reception held on the grounds, a wonderful experience with the jungle ambiance and the wild peacocks roaming through the party. Terribly exotic and romantic!



(And I can’t help but confess that I was drooling over the bride’s shoes, hehehe!)





Altogether this was one of the most unique and wonderful weddings we’ve been privileged to be a part of. Here’s to a lifetime of happiness for Mickey and Mike!