About Us

Hi, we’re the beachcombers!

Florida portrait photographer Tim EdmonsonTim’s the photography end of Beachcomber Photography. Originally from snowy Pennsylvania he studied photojournalism at Point Park College in Pittsburgh back in the days when “photography” still meant film cameras and playing with chemicals in the darkroom. He worked in the newspaper industry for about five years after graduating, covering everything from Steelers games to human interest stories, and even won a 1st place for feature photo in the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association’s Keystone Awards for his 2001 portrait of a mother & her son, who was the victim of a dog attack.

I guess it’s true what they say about Florida sand in your shoes; Tim fell in love with the sunshine state during a teenage trip to Disney & Daytona with his family.  And in 2007 he decided to follow his dream to live in beachcomber paradise and made the move to the Tampa Bay area.  From then until 2013 he was employed by a large national studio chain specializing in school portraits. There he learned the ins and outs of studio portrait photography and took countless photos of seniors but he always felt stifled trying to fit into the corporate box. (Unsurprising for a sarcastic, geeky guy more into playing Dungeons & Dragons & listening to Pink Floyd than climbing the corporate ladder.)  So in 2013 – with a bit of prodding from me – he made the leap into being in business for himself.

Ian, goddess of client services & marketing for Beachcomber PhotographyI’m Ian, the non-photographer end of this photography studio.  My background is eclectic: A Pinellas county native, I went from being a theater major at the Pinellas County Center for the Arts at Gibbs High School to graduating Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Philosophy & Religion from Wesleyan College.  Between then and now I’ve been employed at occupations ranging from running the IT department of a mail order catalog company to stuffing envelopes to doing professional makeovers for crossdressers.  But for the last decade-plus my ‘day job’ has been being a mom to my two challenging kids, one of whom is diagnosed with autism.

As a post-millenial mom of course I took tons of pictures of my kids when they were little but I never dreamed I’d be managing a photography studio.  I started off just using my smattering of knowledge about marketing & website building to help my friend Tim grow his freelance business.  But so many of my oddball collection of skills & interests turned out to be useful: everything from theatrical set & costume design to posing that enhances your feminine curves.  So when the opportunity came for us to embark on this venture I urged him, and myself, to take it.  It’s been a buttload of work so far and I’m sure will be more but it’s also been tremendously exciting.

Tim loves to create gorgeous, artistic portrait photography.  And I love creating an experience that allows you to feel relaxed, comfortable and happy but also as glamorous and celebrated as any movie star.  Together we aim to help you have fun while showcasing your unique style & beauty.  Here on our blog you’ll be able to find excellent tips for how to take great photos (and look great in them!) as well as fun ideas for arty things you can do with your favorite images.  We’ll also be dishing about living the salt life in the Tampa Bay area and occasionally showcasing other local artists and photographers whose work appeals to our beachcomber style.

Of course you’ll also be able to find out more about the Beachcomber Photography experience here.  And when you’re ready to create your own fabulous art please don’t hesitate to contact us. Because you deserve memories you can cherish for a lifetime – you deserve Beachcomber Photography!