Good Living in Tampa Bay

romance is alive and well on Sand KeyWhen life handed Pam Settle lemons she not only made lemonade she turned it into something to benefit her whole community. With her Good Living magazine she shines a spotlight on good people, good events, good adventures, good eating and good news from all around the Bay.  As she says

We believe is that there is no better source of true, honest-to-goodness good news than the good people, good organizations and good companies who comprise this awesome community. We have much to be proud of and thankful for, but the voices that carry this news often can’t be heard under the dull roar of negativity and bad news that permeates most of our media. We are here to give those voices a place to shout.

Good Living is an awesome resource for beachcomber families who want to live happy, healthy lives supporting our local community and in peace with nature.  Check out Good Living magazine and while you’re there take a minute to read Pam’s story of how this handsome charmer turned her life upside down only to make it into something bigger and better.

Jackson laughing in the sunset


Beachcombers at Comic Con 2013

This past weekend the Beachcomber crew took in Tampa Bay Comic Con.  This event has grown in a few short years from a couple thousand to over 20,000 attendees, and boy does it show!  When we arrived at opening time (10am) the closest parking was already 4 blocks away and we had to wait about 40 minutes just to get in the door.  Tim had brought his  gear hoping to get some nice photos of all the cool costumed folk but faced with such throngs we quickly abandoned that plan in favor of just absorbing the sights with our own eyes.  We did catch a couple of interesting characters first though, and this Wolverine was my personal favorite…

wolverine at Tampa Comic Con 2013

He was really inhabiting the role.  *grins*

Seeing the creative effort y’all put in to your costumes makes us want to take REAL portraits of you in them.  How kick ass would it be to e.g. have a really rocking image of yourself in your superhero costume with the Sunshine Skyway in the background? (We could totally make this happen – drop me a line to set it up!) In the meantime here’s a few more snapshots from Tampa Bay Comic Con 2013.


Adventures in Networking

A couple weeks ago Tim and I went to the ‘grand opening’ celebration for  Shoreline Island Resort on Madeira Beach.

Ribbon-cutting at Shoreline Island Resort in Madeira Beach

Well, they called it “Grand Opening” but the thing being celebrated was really a change in ownership.  The resort’s recently been re-acquired by the family who originally built it five decades ago.  It’s kind of a cool story actually; the original Mr. Marsh not only designed the first buildings but worked on the construction himself.  And ever since he and his descendants have lived on the premises while managing the resort.

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