Finding your niche

It feels ironic that I’m writing this post after last time, when I spoke of my belief that people are beautiful even when they don’t fit the stereotype of bring very young, very thin & looking a certain way. I feel really strongly about the Truth of that, and when I put the final polish on our portrait photos in Photoshop I make sure that no matter what people still look like themselves. Minus the pimples or dark circles under the eyes maybe, but still themselves.

It’s ironic because as our artistic style develops Tim and I are moving more and more in the direction of experimental portraiture, creating images that aren’t necessarily a faithful replication of what exists in real life. We’ve been learning all kinds of advanced skills with camera and post-shoot editing that give us the ability to create images that are fanciful…imaginative…surreal…epic…impossible according to the laws of time & space…and above all extraordinary. And that’s what we want to keep doing, it’s what makes us feel most passionate and inspired. Continue reading “Finding your niche”

As seen through the eyes of love

So I’m putting together this gift of portrait prints for some friends of ours. And just because I can I decide to use my mad new Photoshop skills to touch up some of the things I know they fret about. And as I give her a bit more of a waistline, and her a little less tummy..tighten up this one’s upper arms and firm that one’s double chin…it prompts me to think how much I really enjoy doing this.

Since venturing into the photography business one thing I hear constantly from people is how they don’t want pictures taken of themselves because they feel like they look bad. They feel fatter and wrinklier and frumpier than they used to be. And truthfully, I think this is a pile of culturally-prescribed bs – just because you’re fat or old & wrinkly doesn’t mean you aren’t still beautiful, and you deserve to have your memories preserved in photos just like anybody else!  But it also gives me a thrill to be able to pull out some of the tricks that make celebrities in magazines look so impossibly perfect and use them on behalf of regular folks.

When you’re with the people who care about you they aren’t focused on the double chin or jiggly arms you might worry about, they’re seeing all of the wonderfulness that is YOU. And you’re beautiful to them just the way you are.  I like to think of the retouching we do as an expression of that. Our goal is not to make you look like a cookie-cutter stereotype of pretty. Our goal is to make you look as you appear in the eyes of the people who love you: with the so-called “flaws” softened so that nothing but the true beauty of your personality shines through.

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in the end it's only love that matters

Cool Senior Guy Portraits – St Pete

Our boy Anik from Boca Ciega HS is into bodybuilding so we took some time to show off the results of his hard work.  We love how the lighting in these images highlights those chiseled muscles!

And then a slight change in pose and light and whoomp, it’s like he’s a whole different boy.  I don’t think I’ll ever stop being amazed at the magic of photography for capturing facets of our selves that we maybe don’t normally see.

cool senior portraits for guys St Pete


Keystone Award Winning Photo

Back before Tim the Beachcomber Photographer was a beachcomber he was a newspaper photographer. An “award winning” photographer in fact; he won the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association’s 2001 Keystone Award for best feature photo.  I know I’ve spoken of it before but I found the file when I was doing some backing up recently and so I wanted to share the actual image with you..

portrait of a mother & her wounded son


Three tips for great beach portraits with Grandma

As parents you naturally want photos of your kids growing up…but what about after they’re grown?  You don’t stop loving each other, or making memories together, just because the years have continued to pass.

(The hubs and I’ve been trying for years and no, no matter how much you tickle them they just won’t stop growing. ;p)

Sometimes the fact that everyone has grown up and gone their separate ways is the best reason to capture the moment on those rare occasions when you DO get together. These casual family beach portraits, taken when my sister and her crew were visiting from South Carolina, were the first time my siblings and I had been in any photos together since we were kids. I think you can see from the look on her face how much these multi-generational family photos meant to my mom..

Redington Shores grandparents family photography

If you’ve gone to the trouble of gathering the clan on the beach you want to make sure you come away with some fantastic images, images that show how truly cool and fun your family is as well as the bond of love between you.  The kind of photos that will make you smile every time you look at them.  So here’s a few tips on how to have a great Florida beach photo session with grandparents and grandkids: Continue reading “Three tips for great beach portraits with Grandma”

St. Pete High Senior Portraits – Pami

Our newest Beachcomber ambassador Pami from St. Petersburg High School was a real trooper.  We had such a great time experimenting with cool special-effects nighttime shots..

nighttime senior portraits cool edgy St Petersburg Florida

edgy after dark senior portraits downtown St Petersburg Florida


Totally diva-licious! Though I think my favorite images were still the traditional senior portrait looks..

awesome high school senior portraits Saint Petersburg FL

We had a FANTASTIC fun time shooting these portraits of SPHS senior Pami out on the downtown Saint Pete waterfront.  Contact us to schedule your own Beachcomber experience!

Beachcombers at Comic Con 2013

This past weekend the Beachcomber crew took in Tampa Bay Comic Con.  This event has grown in a few short years from a couple thousand to over 20,000 attendees, and boy does it show!  When we arrived at opening time (10am) the closest parking was already 4 blocks away and we had to wait about 40 minutes just to get in the door.  Tim had brought his  gear hoping to get some nice photos of all the cool costumed folk but faced with such throngs we quickly abandoned that plan in favor of just absorbing the sights with our own eyes.  We did catch a couple of interesting characters first though, and this Wolverine was my personal favorite…

wolverine at Tampa Comic Con 2013

He was really inhabiting the role.  *grins*

Seeing the creative effort y’all put in to your costumes makes us want to take REAL portraits of you in them.  How kick ass would it be to e.g. have a really rocking image of yourself in your superhero costume with the Sunshine Skyway in the background? (We could totally make this happen – drop me a line to set it up!) In the meantime here’s a few more snapshots from Tampa Bay Comic Con 2013.


Senior guy portraits that make girls go “oooh”

As I promised, we didn’t leave the hyper-cool Armani sunglasses on BCHS senior Anik the entire time – and just look at those dreamy brown eyes, hehehe!  Every single chick I’ve showed these photos to so far has gone “oooh”, and that includes women from age 11 to 77.

senior portraits for guys




Bachelorette Beach Party

Here at Beachcomber Photography our specialty is portraits not events but every once in a while something comes our way that’s too interesting to pass up.  A bevy of attractive young women in bikinis, drinking beer and playing wiffleball – I bet y’all can guess why Tim was keen to be the photographer for Alex’s bachelorette party at the Postcard Inn on St Pete Beach!  *grins*

St Pete Beach party photos