Clift & Jim on Sunset Beach

We were privileged to be there when Clifton and Jim tied the knot in an intimate, breezy wedding ceremony on Sunset Beach, FL. The guys had said they especially loved Tim’s black & white work. (They’d somehow seen ‘Ennui’, his satirical student-film tribute to Jean-Luc Goddard, lol!) So we made sure to give them some gorgeous black & white photos along with their romantic Florida sunset silhouettes. We even set up a bit of special lighting to create this stunning couple’s portrait:



It’s possible to to create beautiful artistic images of your gay wedding, no matter how small, casual or non-traditional it might be.  When there’s this much love and joy filling the hearts of everyone present it’s a pleasure.



There were a few moments of alarm when we thought the power was out and there’s be no lights for the planned after-dark buffet reception. But photo assistant Ian stepped in and saved the day, finding the GFCI reset switch (probably blown by one of our regular Florida afternoon thunderstorms) that let our fairy lights glow.





It was a joyous occasion, with delicious Cuban food and great music, a beautiful sunset and balmy tropical breezes. And a charming couple who so deserve their happily ever after. Congratulations Jim & Clift!


Senior Boys Rock Downtown St. Pete

Their moms were dreaming of having photos of their baby boys all grown up and all dressed up. Cousins Lance & Bryce just wanted senior pictures that looked wicked cool. We took them to hip downtown St. Pete and I think we managed to hit both targets, don’t you agree?

Boga Ciega High School Senior Portraits – Anik

Today I’d like to introduce the first of our new crop of Beachcomber Ambassadors for the 2013/14 school year, Anik!  (cue fanfare)

Among other things Anik’s big on fashion so we decided to go for a high fashion vibe with his first Beachcomber portrait session.  Can you guess who the designer inspiration for this shot was?  *grins*

Boca Ciega High School senior portraits

Anik was amazing to work with, a natural in front of the camera, and we captured TONS of fabulous images.  Our Tim was on fire!  (Unlike the one special effects shot we tried that failed miserably despite my herculean efforts.)  There’s so much gorgeousness here I can’t bear not to share it all…so I’m just going to have to do more than one post.  ;p

p.s. No, we didn’t leave his sunglasses on the whole time, lol!  Just wait til the next installment…

4 easy steps to otherworldly eyes

I have a big mental list of posts I mean to write but I thought I would start with something fun and share with you a simple technique for juicing up a black & white portrait by giving your subject vividly colored eyes.

Sometimes you take a photo that’s beautiful enough in color but just begs to be black & white, like this shot of Amanda..

 Amanda with palm fronds in downtown St Pete

We could turn this color photo into a B&W in several ways but the way I liked the look of was to completely desaturate it, turning the color saturation down to 0%.

By the way, you should know that the steps I describe here do NOT require Photoshop.  I’m certainly not a Photoshop wizard and the magic I worked on this photo was done in PhotoImpact, a consumer level program I’ve used and liked for years. But there are lots of photo editing applications that have similar features.  The names of the tools & functions may be different from program to program but you should be able to find equivalent options in any half decent image editing software.

Anyway, turning the saturation down to zero gives us this stunning image.. Continue reading “4 easy steps to otherworldly eyes”