Beachcombers at Comic Con 2013

This past weekend the Beachcomber crew took in Tampa Bay Comic Con.  This event has grown in a few short years from a couple thousand to over 20,000 attendees, and boy does it show!  When we arrived at opening time (10am) the closest parking was already 4 blocks away and we had to wait about 40 minutes just to get in the door.  Tim had brought his  gear hoping to get some nice photos of all the cool costumed folk but faced with such throngs we quickly abandoned that plan in favor of just absorbing the sights with our own eyes.  We did catch a couple of interesting characters first though, and this Wolverine was my personal favorite…

wolverine at Tampa Comic Con 2013

He was really inhabiting the role.  *grins*

Seeing the creative effort y’all put in to your costumes makes us want to take REAL portraits of you in them.  How kick ass would it be to e.g. have a really rocking image of yourself in your superhero costume with the Sunshine Skyway in the background? (We could totally make this happen – drop me a line to set it up!) In the meantime here’s a few more snapshots from Tampa Bay Comic Con 2013.